After a brief attempt at retiring I currently find myself writing firmware for Wilderness Labs. I and developing code for the underlying OS for the boards spacifically:

  • NuttX running on STM32F777
  • FreeRTOS running on ESP32

Although my main development languages are currently C and C++, I have developed in over 20 languages in the past but somehow I always find myself working in these two languages.

As a Software Engineer, I have developed software in over 20 languages with most recent experience in C, C#, Visual Basic and SQL. I also have experience in a wide variety of technologies from the very small (microcontrollers) to the very large (NCR mainframes).

I was introduced to computers whilst still at school and the first machine I used was the Northstar Hoizon, I never looked back.

Currently living in the North of England and trying to get to grips with the needs of work and the garden. Despite appearances, I am a reluctant gardener and just move the mud around as instructed by Karen.

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